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HB Computers Pack
HB Computers Pack

Computer cases, monitors, keyboard + mouse and various other components and cable connectors to create a full computer setup in various configurations. Included is a blueprint to help with placing cables and attach the various connectors. Also included in the material is the ability to add a dirt layer to any of the objects to represent some aging if needed.


In UE 5.4.0 there is a bug that prevents the Construction Script firing correctly when you edit the Spline Component, resulting in the real time update not working. If you use the Cable Blueprint, it will seem like it's not working correctly, it is actually working, it's just not showing the updated meshes. If you nudge the Actor, or toggle another setting in the Properties, it should update.
Technical Details

Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)

Blueprint for creating cables
2 Monitors
2 Computer Cases
10 Connector types (audio, video, power)
USB Memory Stick
USB Portable HDD
External Desktop HDD

Number of Unique Meshes: 23

Collision: Yes (auto generated + custom where needed)

Vertex Count: 7850 highest - 176 lowest

LODs: Yes

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 8 Materials + 23 Instances (includes some extra demo instances)

Number of Textures: 31

Texture Resolutions: (Please list all various texture resolutions)

14 - 1024x1024
7 - 512x512
8 - 256x256
2 - 128x128

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes - Tested

Mac: Not Tested, Should Work
Product ID: unrealengine-HB-Computers-Pack
Detail Link:

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