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Elise for G8/8.1 Female
Elise for G8/8.1 Female

Elise is the latest in the Children of the Night series of spooky and sexy character morphs that will spice up your Halloween renders. Elise is a late-generation vampire who frequents cemeteries in search of kindred spirits to share blood and un-life experiences.

Elise is perfect for your vampire renders. Let Elise join your coven of vampires or witches. Elise has custom fangs and lashes that work for both G8 and G8.1 female characters. Fangs also have a customized morph adjustment specifically for G8.1 females.

Use this Elise character morph with your own textures to tell your own spooky stories come Halloween or any time of the year. Dial in as little or as much as you want for the perfect look!

Product is a morph only. No textures or other props are included. Promos are a suggested use of the morph.

What's Included and Required:
Head morph,
Body morph,
Nails morph,
Fangs morph,
Navel morph,
Lashes morph,
And an all-in-one combined character morph.

It's mildly recommended that you have the additional Genesis 8 body morphs installed to get access to minor details that can dial in the perfection of the character just as you like it. They are not required.
Product ID: renderhub-elise-for-g88-1-female
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