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Perfect G9 Clone for Genesis 8 Female
Perfect G9 Clone for Genesis 8 Female

Perfect G9 Clone for Genesis 8 Female

[[ This product adds morphs to Genesis 8 female that mimic the shape of Genesis 9 ]]

[[ Be aware this body shape, like all character body shapes, may not work properly with other body morphs and that includes other SONSY packages. This package is a solution to complaints by G8 users. If the product is well received, I will create customized SONSY morphs to work with this new clone shape. ]]

Okay, I admittedly hated Genesis 9 myself when the he/she was first released. One of my main complaints was lack of nipples and navel at base resolution. That annoyed me and a lot of other vendors who create unique characters. But after playing around with the new figure I realized that G9 just honestly looked more realistic in overall appearance and shape. So while I ve become rather happy with my G9 figures for my own work, I know a lot of users still prefer the G8 female simply because they have bought so many faces/characters over the years as well as clothing and textures and so on. To be blunt, users have put too much into their G8 female to just up and move to the new shiny figure. And while G8 clothing will auto-conform to fit the G9 (meaning you can take your clothing forward) and there are products that allow you to use G8 textures on your G9 there are some users who just don t want to leave their old characters behind. And from my own experiences, the character converters are not that great.

So what the heck have you cooked up for us, Evie? Introducing PERFECT CLONE for Genesis 8! Okay well maybe saying it s perfect is a bit much but my clone is definitely better than any other you ll currently find. The morphs in this package are for your GENESIS 8 FEMALE base and they will add two distinct new shapes to her. One is a full G9 clone shape and the second is just the G9 body alone. Which means? Yes, you guessed it you can apply only the body shape of G9 and still use your old G8 morphs and characters faces! I ve also included some adjustment morphs to correct the armpit areas of the G9 clone shape but there are also some BONUS items. The first bonus is a G9 clone that will allow you to auto-fit Genesis 9 clothing to your Genesis 8 female. Now I m not going to lie not all clothing will transfer perfectly but I ran comparisons of auto-fits using other G9 clones and mine and mine does a heck of a lot better especially with pants. Skirts are a nightmare but that occurs with any conversions including G3 to G8 so I cannot warranty perfect clothing conversion hence why it s a bonus item. Consider it a freebie for buying the clone pack.

But wait! I m not done. You can dial in the percentage of the G9 clone shapes so it s not an on/off parameter. And, I like the G9 figure better because the body will fluff and bulk so much more realistically than G8 so I ve included a BULKING MORPH for free as a bonus that will fluff up the G9 morph when set to around 50-100%. If this product performs well and users like it, I will create a full SONSY pack of morphs customized for the clone shape to use on G8. Unfortunately the existing G8 Sonsy System morphs for the body won t work very well when the G9 shape is applied. What? Uh-oh!

Now here comes the bad news because G8 and G9 have completely different geometry we can shape them the same and even adjust the rigging but the two figures will never be 100% identical no matter what we do with them. So because of that, you may find that a lot of G8 body and face morphs will not work with the clone shape. Nothing I can do about that. This product is intended to let you take advantage of the more realistic shape of G9 for your Genesis 8 female. I m selling it cheap because of these limitations. I d love the clone to be the perfect solution but that solution is not realistic so this product is as close to perfect as we ll likely get to backwards shifting from G9 to G8. I just wanted to explain the limitations up front. And again, if this product is well received I am prepared to create all new custom morphs and characters for the clone shape (G8).

The figure body shaping morphs will appear in your G8 BODY parameters list here:

The clothing conversion clone will be visible when the user auto-fits a Genesis 9 clothing item to their Genesis 8 female figure. When prompted to select the clone to use, select PERFECT G9 CLONE and the auto-fit will use my clone to re-fit the item.

DAZ Studio 4.2 or higher
Genesis 8 Figure Base

Installation must be for the Genesis 8 BASE. Installation in the wrong file will result in the morphs not appearing in the parameters or not working properly. Do not custom install. Install directly to the files provided in the download.

Package must be installed manually by user. There is no auto-installation option or function. See installation instructions for directions. If you have never installed manually before, refer to PDF included in this product's zip (compressed) file for help.


Perfect G9 Clone Armpit Corrective
Perfect G9 Clone Armpit LEFT Adjust
Perfect G9 Clone Armpit RIGHT Adjust
Perfect G9 Clone ADD FEMININE
BONUS Body Thicken
BONUS Lovehandles
BONUS Perfect G9 Clone for Auto-Fit
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