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Batman Models Arkham City & Asylum

Batman Models Arkham City & Asylum
Batman Models Arkham City & Asylum
obj | mlt | 3D models | 1.39 GB
141 Objects from the games Batman Arkham City & Batman Arkham Asylum.

Consisting of all the playable characters ( including all DLC skins )
all the main villain characters, and load of weapons and misc objects.

In Lightwave LWO and Wavefront OBJ formats. With all UV maps and textures assigned.
All objects extracted from game archives, not ripped using 3d ripper.
All the Bat man DLC costumes
All the Cat woman DLC
All the Night wing and Robin DLC
Plus all the weapons and equipment.
All the main villains.. joker, Harley Quinn, Riddler, Penguin, Mr Freeze ( suited and unsuited) Killer Croc, Two face, plus a load more ( including ScarFace the puppet )

Other random characters that appear in the game, such as the Abramovici brothers ( both Mr hammer and Mr sickle ) Black mask, Azreal, Joker Thugs, Penguin Thugs, Lunatics, Wonder city Robot, Shark ( from iceberg lounge )

Loads of weapons and misc objects, such as the walkie talkie. Tyger Helicopter, Mad hatters Giant Pocket watch, Shock baton, sniper rifle, rubber chicken (yes there is a rubber chicken in the game).

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