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MysticShard Sub-Dragon aniBlocks
MysticShard Sub-Dragon aniBlocks

The MysticShard Sub-Dragon aniBlocks Collection is a set of 16 aniBlocks by traditional animator MysticShard. MysticShard and SimonWM have teamed up to bring you this set of 16 aniBlocks with all the essential motions to make your DAZ Sub-Dragon seem as realistic in your animations as you've ever dreamed. Multiple cycles and actions with exquisite attention to weight, rhythm and secondary motions will give your animations the professional look you are after.


These animations were created originally in Poser using the Millennium SubDragon. Due to the rigging differences between the full version and the LE version of the Millennium SubDragon the LE version will NOT take the complete aniblock animations (Neck, Tail and Wing Motions).

Product ID: 14726-DAZ
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