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Max Hay Art – Creating Beautiful Environments Course
Max Hay Art – Creating Beautiful Environments Course

A Full Course on Creating Beautiful Environments

Watch my full creation process of 5 environments done start to finish. Efficiently explained yet easy to follow (~2H per environment). Includes sections on how to get ideas, inspiration, and mindset to make the best possible work.

A Ton of Tools

3 unique, huge asset packs of 3D models that are are easy to set up and use straight away, a pack of HD moody skies for backgrounds, and a particle overlays pack. Designed to help you start making better stuff instantly.

Access to a growing community of like-minded people on the same journey

Access to the private discord community to connect with hundreds of course members on the same path who are serious about what they do.

A Full Course on Creating Beautiful Environments
I’ve created a full course that teaches you everything you need to know about creating environments like these.

I’ll show you the start-to-finish creation process of these 5 renders. Each one is explained the entire way through in a time efficient manor (~2 hours per render).

I’ll teach you how to stay inspired, get endless ideas, and create renders super fast.

You also get full access to these blend and PSD files, meaning you can take anything out of them and use it in your own work.

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