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dForce Capsule Wardrobe 03 for Genesis 9
dForce Capsule Wardrobe 03 for Genesis 9

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes that can be combined in different ways.

The sets in this series are made to be combined with each other and even with other products by other content creators.

Each piece of clothing features an extensive range of Tweak morphs so it can be adjusted to different figure shapes or clothing items.

dForce Capsule Wardrobe 03 for Genesis 9 features an elegant look: a tight-fitting, high-necked shirt, a long sleek skirt with slits at the sides, and high-heeled boots. The shirt has lengthen and widen morphs, so it will look good when used with pants.

All items (except the boots) are set up for dForce. The shirt can also be used without running a simulation and has several folds morphs for a more natural look if used without dForce. For the skirt, running a simulation is strongly recommended.

This set comes with 2 textures for each item, and there is also a texture add-on available.

The set also includes adjustment morphs to make the items of Capsule Wardrobe 01 and 02 work with this set. For details please see the "What's Included and Features" section.

Expand your capsule wardrobe for Genesis 9 now and collect all the sets!
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