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DMs Kerricks Throne
DMs Kerricks Throne

Welcome to Kerrick's Throne. Behold the King and his dominion, where he rules with the sword of the ruby stone. Kerrick's Throne is a fantasy setting that is fit for any royalty, be it king or queen, barbarian or cultured, and is perfect for entertaining a full court or quietly overseeing the kingdom from the perch above.

This package contains:

* 5 ready scenes in pz3-format
* 11 Props (.pp2 + .obj)
o 1 Building
o 1 Patio
o 1 Chair
o 1 Shield Wall
o 1 Symbol Wall
o 1 Lamp
o 1 Pedestal in 2 colors
o 2 Plants
o 1 Ground prop
o 1 Sword (smartproped to V4 & M4)
* 7 Poses for Michael 4 (+ mirrored versions)
* 7 Poses for Victoria 4 (+ mirrored versions)
* 2 "GoTo" poses (for easy positioning)
* 2 MAT files for a reflective floor (.MT5)
* 5 Light sets
* 5 Camera sets
* Detailed high resolution textures

The entire content of this package has been optimized for Poser 6 and above.
Not tested in DazStudio. Some materials may need adjustment.
Product ID: 85222-RO
Detail Link:

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