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My Ass Poses for G8F & G9
My Ass Poses for G8F & G9

My Ass Poses for G8F & G9
Copyright 2023 IAmAFox All Rights Reserved, 17/02/2023

10 Solo G9 & G8F Poses + Mirrors meant for Female Bodies
10+Mirror G9 Poses
10+Mirror G8F Poses
Total of 40 Poses
Use on the floor / flat planes for best results

Daz Studio 4.21+
Required Files: Genesis 9 Figure, Genesis 8 Figure
Prop used for posing reference:

- Place contents of | zip > My Library | into your My Daz 3D Library (Wherever your installation of daz's library is)

How to use:
Load poses from - People\Genesis 9\Poses\IAmAFox\My Ass Poses for G9
- People\Genesis G8F\Poses\IAmAFox\My Ass Poses for G8F

- Leave limits OFF
- Expressions NOT included
- Genital poses NOT included
- This pose pack is meant to be used with Scale 100 G9 & G8F Feminine Characters, different scales may require manual tweaking!
- Props and environment shown in the thumbnail is ONLY an EXAMPLE of how you can use my poses
- Everything shown in the images are purely fiction and roleplay, no soul was harmed in the process
- Feel free to use the poses in your renders! Don't redistribute, edit raw files and or resell any of the files provided

I would love to see your renders & the creativity of those that decide to buy and use my poses!

Thanks to oomphy for help converting the poses to G8F
Product ID: renderhub-my-ass-poses-for-g8f-g9
Detail Link:

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