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DANGERHEELS - 16 inches Platform Sandals for G3F
DANGERHEELS - 16 inches Platform Sandals for G3F

Product name, copyright statement & date:

DANGERHEELS - 16 inches Platform Sandals for G3F
© February, 2017 by bigdreams

Product description:

DANGERHEELS is a new series of Extreme high heel shoes for G3F.
these 16 inches Platform Sandals is a very uncommon eccentric pair of platform sandals with a 16 inches Heel height. These shoes is modelled in SubD with realistic texture details.
They autofit every G3F figure with any kind of pose.
There are 13 Gloss Leather colors material presets plus 4 special bonus materials: Leopard skin, Decorated Fabric, Silver Lether and Gold Leather.
Also included morphs for enlarge Belts and Tops of the shoes.
This product contains in total: 1 Pair of shoes, 17 Material presets and 2 Morphs.

System requirements:

This product was created in DAZ Studio for Win version.
It was tested on both Mac an Win DAZ Studio version.

Included in this package:

- 16inPltSnd

- Default
- 16inPltSnd Pose

- 16inPltSnd Expand Belts
- 16inPltSnd Expand Top

Iray MATS:
- Avion Blue
- Beige
- Black
- Cerulean
- Dark Red
- Decorated Fabric
- Gold
- Green
- Leopard
- Medium Blue
- Pink
- Purple
- Red
- Silver
- Sky Blue
- White
- Yellow

Other information:

Other items shown on the promotional pictures are there for aesthetic purposes only and DO NOT come included in this package.
If it's not listed above, it does not come with this product.

Promo Credits:
- Izumi for Mei Lin 7 by Anagord.
- Anais Nine for G3V7 by Anain and AkashaBloodRiver.
- Basic free Items from DAZ3d.
- Other props created by me.

Promos are rendered in Daz Studio 4.9 with Iray render engine.
This is not a merchant resource!
Thank you for your interest and viewing this page.
Product ID: 119439-RO
Detail Link:

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