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Extreme High Arched Stiletto Oxfords for G8F and G9
Extreme High Arched Stiletto Oxfords for G8F and G9

Included in this package:
*EHAS Oxfords
*Foot Pose
*42 Iray Material presets (featuring Leather, Wool, Shiny PU, combination)
*21 extra Material presets for separate parts & Bump
*12 Geometry presets (to switch geometry grafts and morphs)
*3 Slim foot morph presets (for Genesis 8F only)
*Clip Fixer morphs
*Adjustment morphs
*4k texture maps

Special Features:
*Gain control over Laces and Heel thanks to an extra bones. Bow Knot and Heel are selectable and can be transformed with Universal tool.
*New morph to make base G8F feet more slim and get better shoe shape (active by default).
*All surfaces are recolorable.
Product ID: 163751-RO
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