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HandWorx IX 2 - Gestures and more for G9
HandWorx IX 2 - Gestures and more for G9

This is the version for G9 (indicated by the "IX"). A version for GF8 is also available.

The gesture and finger presets of this project only affect the hand of the model for which the gesture was selected.
The pose of the model and / or the posture of the hand is NOT changed.

Since this is a G/PG rated project, this package does not contain any vulgar gestures. Instead, you'll find hand/finger
poses ranging from relaxed to expressive and from everyday poses like snapping, flick away, etc. to
traditional Indian dance gestures.

The included PDF manual not only explains the meaning of the gestures, but also gives tips for their use.

This package contains:

* 20 different gestures for G9 (left hand / right hand) and "resets"
* a short manual explaining the gestures and their use

Further information can be found in the supplied readme file.

About the promo images: I was inspired to create this project by stills from old silent movies. The expressive poses and gestures, along with the grainy and sometimes overexposed look, drew me in. Therefore, I decided to use only images in this style for this project.

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