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PBR Scanned Concrete Shaders Vol 1

PBR Scanned Concrete Shaders Vol 1

All PBR Scanned Concrete Shaders Vol 1 textures are Based on real-life scanned surfaces.

Textures have been captured in over 8K resolution, however, we have also included 4K and 2K versions.

Also comes with lots of utility tools, including 5 Roughness presets, 5 Normal strength presets, 6 Displacement Level presets, 4 Displacement SubD level presets, 19 Tiling presets, and 10 Tiling Offset presets.

This pack is perfect for any realistic environment that is in need of concrete surfaces.

Scanned using the latest technology and processed by a professional team of artists.
Product ID: 92278-DAZ
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