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Foot Worship 2 - Poses For G8F and G8M
Foot Worship 2 - Poses For G8F and G8M

You asked for it, and here it is! Foot Worship 2 is a pose pack for Genesis 8 Figures who want some more variety in their relationship explorations.

The pack contains 40 poses, 20 for dominant figures and 20 for submissive figures. Expressions for each pose are also included!

The poses are designed around Genesis 8 base figures, so some adjustments may be required.

20 Dominant Poses
20 Submissive Poses
1 Reset Pose
20 Dominant Expressions
20 Submissive Expressions
1 Reset Expression

All characters, props, environments, etc. are solely used for rendering and promotional purposes and are not included in this pose pack.
Product ID: renderhub-foot-worship-2-poses-for-g8f-and-g8m
Detail Link:

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