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dFORCE Suit & Mask

dFORCE Suit & Mask

dFORCE Suit & Mask

dFORCE Suit & Mask is realistic (dForce) suit and/or mask made for use on G8F but also usable on other figures (G8M, G3F, G3M, Victoria8, Michael8...).
It is designed in such a way that it tries to fit any human like figure when simulated by contracting around it (similar to dFORCE Sheath and dFORCE Stocking & Sock by lightBLUE).
This product contains full body suit and mask prop with 19(basic 1 with 18 additional) different presets that turn it into suits with or without holes in gen or chest area,
masks and leggings. It comes in 4 colors and 2 materials, with 3 thickness and tightness presets.

This product is designed for G8F figure but was tested usable on other figures as well. If using on other figures make sure to move, position and/or scale it if needed to avoid
collision before you simulate it. (e.g. dFORCE Suit & Mask parameters changed for testing on G8M were ==> Y translate -3.0, Z translate 1.0, X rotate -0.5, X scale 120.0%,
Y scale 101.0%, Z scale 125.0%).

dFORCE Suit & Mask is NOT rigged, fitted or parented, it should be loaded with nothing selected in your scene pane.
When loaded, position the prop around the figure but make sure that it is not clliping with any part of the body, scale it if needed.
When simulated it contracts around the body following it's unique shape clousely and it will stay pinched.
dFORCE Suit & Mask is made to be a tight fit and it's smoothed to look as genuine as possible, however this may cause small pokes through when used on some characters,
and that is why the product has 3 different thickness and tightnes presets. If you ecounter these problems, especialy on characters with high displacement, try using different
thicknes and tightness preset, you can change them after simulation as well.

Product ID: renderotica-61110
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