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Leather Fetish Outfit G8F

Leather Fetish Outfit G8F


- 1 Complete wearable preload
- 1 pair of boots
- 1 feet pose for G8F
- 1 cap smart prop
- 1 corset
- 1 panties
- 1 nipples piercing
- 1 custom nipples morphs for G8F
- 1 boned swift zero position (with 6 erc's movements + morphs)
- 1 boned swift right hand (with 6 erc's movements + morphs)
- 1 boned swift left hand (with 6 erc's movements + morphs)
- 2 hands poses for G8F
- 10 hierarchical iray mats colors
- 9 textures maps 2048x2048 to 4096x4096

BONUS: 1 custom morph to fit Ginger the redhead ponytail hair to the cap (character sold separatly:

Note: For the swift, the dials are located in parameters>Swift Movements folder.
When you load the boots, the feet pose is applied automatically. If you change the pose, remember to apply the feet pose provided to readjust the boots.
Product ID: renderotica-64750
Detail Link:

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07-Nov-23 Phuong 33 0
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