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3D Pubic Hair For Genesis 9
3D Pubic Hair For Genesis 9

3D Pubic Hair for Genesis 9

This product includes 3 masculine and 3 feminine fiber mesh pubic hair smart props.
Each prop comes with different styles (as presets and controls to mix) and several color presets plus a color choose tool that enables you to change to any color you like.

More natural and bushy or rather trimmed. With the included adjustment controls you can get a lot of different styles.

The control dials enable you to adjust the size, depth, width and position of the props to get different looks and adjust the props to fit your used shapes, characters and poses.
Ready to go styles are included as well (as presets and dials). They dials can also be mixed for even more variations.

Adjusting for other figures:

The pubic hair props are created for the default "Genesis 9 Masculine" and "Genesis 9 Feminine" Base Shapes. Results may vary and adjustments might be needed depending on the character, body shape, morphs or pose applied. The included control dials can be used to easily adjust the position etc. of the Pubic Hair. Most often, only the Pubes Forward and Pubes Up/Down controls will need adjustment. For example, to adjust the Feminine Pubic Hair for either the standard Victoria 9 or Victoria 9 HD, a value of 43% Pubes Forward and -98% Pubes Up/Down will yield good results. To simplify things, once in position, you can select the Pubic Hair and create a pose preset for frequently used characters.
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